“Revit Your CAD Standards”


A 16 Session Class on Revit Management. 

This is a Lecture Only Class!

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Is this You?

CAD Manager falling rapidly toward project disaster.  .  The company promised a BIM deliverable.  Not only is the Revit Training costing more and not working as well as promised, the test print of your pilot project showed that the Linewights are off and the door & window tags are all wrong.  Moving from CAD Manager to BIM Manager seems to be adding more than a little stress.

2020 Revit Tutorial Manager Training 

Course Overview

Advanced Tutorial Revit Student to Manager Keynote Video


Purpose / Promise

Over the 16 session class you will learn both the conceptual and practical process of standardizing all of the Revit product solutions.  Each session addresses key topics first conceptually, then in the product, followed by open discussion.  For most Sessions, Major and Minor topics are available for review in the additional Class Resources section.



We are in the process of rebuilding the entire website. The full management class will be available by the end of this month, April.

Pointing out another concern you may have-yes, the current content is recorded in an older release.

Just so you understand, the concepts provided in the Manager Class will apply to whatever Revit version you use. You will have your fill of information regardless of the Revit version used for the recordings.

Brand new Revit 2020 content will be available By July 2019.



Revit 2019 Manage 2020

Management Training Tutorial Content

Each Class has a single location to access all resources needed for the series.  Once you are Logged into Will2Play, you can Registered for our classes and gain access to that Classes Content.

Learn Management Skills critical for Professional work.