"The Keys to Revit"


A 16 Session Class on Families divided into 4 Levels (Basic, Advanced, Expert, Fanatic) Class.  Each Level consists of 4 Sessions appropriate for that level of user.

This is a Lecture and Lab Class!

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Is this You?

Sitting, staring at the monitor, trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with the Window you downloaded from a website.  The thing won’t cut correctly in plan and when sectioned, the header is also wrong.  You remember those days, when you were just learning Revit Families.  Now that everyone on the project is asking for help with a family, you realize that you’re about to be overwhelmed because you’ve become the expert.  Even as the Expert, there are things you’re struggling with.

2020 Revit Family Creation Basic Tutorial Training 

Course Overview

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Purpose / Promise

Over the 16 sessions class you will learn both the conceptual and practical process of building, maintaining and troubleshooting Revit Families.  Each session addresses key topics first conceptually, then in the product, followed by open discussion.  Each Sessions Major and Minor topics additional Class Resources are provided for some sessions.

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