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Sunshades are the big deal right now when trying to create Green Buildings. I’ve seen companies create some great sunshades that work perfectly for calculations and Sun studies; however, these families create just a little bit of project slowing.

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Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Learning Objective

Family swapping is critical for model speed; learn the tools and concepts that will help you flip (2D) CD content to (3D) presentation content.

Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Topic


Parameter Naming

Swapping Families

In-Place Families

Detail Components

Family File Size

Nested Family parameter

Swept Blend Forms

Vertical v.

Parameter Naming

Expert Naming

Use in Formula

Finishing the Family

Swapping Families

3D v.

2D Model v.

File size

In-Place Families



Why would you?

Detail Components

Detail Groups

File size

ACAD to Revit

Family File Size

3D v.

Nested Family parameter

Loaded Family

Element Properties

Application of Parameters

Swept Blend Forms


Profile 1

Profile 2

Vertical v. horizontal families




Q and A what did we learn

Family Use Concepts

New Family Editor Tools

Families in Action
Revit Family Creation Tutorial 09 Sunshade
Thank You and Final Thought