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Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Learning Objective

All too often there is not enough information in the basic Revit Family, Tag or Category. When there is not the right data availed to you in the family, you will have to create a shared parameter.

Here is the rule: when you need to see the data on the printed sheet AND you need to schedule it, you must use a shared parameter.

Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Topic

Annotation Families


Shared Parameters


Detail Lines


Visibility Controls

Family Extents


Annotation Families


Scaling issues

= Symbols


Family Templates

Settings Categories and Parameters

Ties the Tag (annotation Family) to Model Objects

Shared Parameters (SP)

SP Files / Groups / Parameters

GUID (Family SP = Project SP)

Solution to most problems


SP cannot use formulas

Create Visual Check Schedules

Create Calculated Value Parameters

Detail Lines





Shared Parameters

Family Editor Formula

Visibility Controls

Multiple labels over each other

Room Area / Room Volume

IF=not(Room Area)

Checks Room Volume

Family Extents

Ref Plane?

Visible Lines?

= Leader Location?

Use for Tags


CD Creation

Tag all not tagged


On / Off

F1 for more help

Type Naming

Building = you know

Finished = anyone knows


Q and A what did we learn

Family Use Concepts

New Family Editor Tools

Families in Action
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Thank You and Final Thought

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