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All massing is created in “sketch mode,” understand massing and you’ll understand the process for creating other key components in Revit such as floors and roofs.

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An Example of our Management Class: The CAD Manager Class teaches both the conceptual and practical process of Revit Management, Project Standards and Content creation

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2019 Revit Management Tutorial Training Free Video

revit 2019 training tutorial

2019 Free Revit Tutorial Training for Revit Families and Family Creation

revit 2019 training tutorial


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Revit 2019 Family TutorialLearning Objective

Testing that the Family works Never load and untested family into a live project Checking that the family works as a whole Checking for Type Names and Family Names

Revit 2019 Family TutorialTopic


Test Project – testing that the Family works.

Masses – what is a mass, how we use them and why we use them.

Sketch Mode + Mass Properties.

Align and Lock.


Although this Table family is simple; the concepts presented and process demonstrated during its creation are the core of all things Family. We must learn to walk before we can run, we must crawl before we can walk. This was the first of 16 hours of training; we have a long way to go to fully understanding the power of families.

Q and A what did we learn

Basic tools and Best practices to use in the Family Editor

How to build a family from scratch and test that it works correctly

A Family is a collect of Family Types, Types hold Parameters, Parameters control Reference Planes

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