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Revit 2019 Rendering Tutorial Learning Objective


• This session will teach you the techniques used to render in Revit using Mental Ray. • 3D Renders are one of our most valuable marketing tools.


Revit 2019 Rendering Tutorial Topic


What is a Render, The four main elements used to render, , Rendering in Revit, Creating the Final Render, The Close

"1.1.3 Purpose/Promise By the end of this session you will understand the following concepts / process What is a Render What are 3D renderings and what can they do for me? The four main elements used to render in 3D Rendering in Revit How does Revit accomplish the rendering process, and what do I have to look forward to in future releases? Creating the Final Render How do I adjust the surface appearance of objects in my renders, as well as the quality/speed of my renders? "