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You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone! This entire industry is changing completely. BIM has created a paradigm shift similar to the paradigm shift of CAD, moving from pen and paper to CAD. Companies that see BIM as a trend and try to ride it out will (fill in the blank with an image of doom and despair). You, my overwork CAD manager, are about to embark on a quest for job sanity. Today we’ll give you a rock-solid outline to cling to as we set off for this distant treasure.

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Our Solution To Discipline Based Revit Training Architecture Structure Mep Family Training Revit Management Revit Rendering.

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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

You, the overworked CAD manager, are about to embark on a quest for job sanity. Today we’ll give you a rock-solid outline to cling to as we set off for this distant treasure.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic



  • To Do List / Action Items
  • The Outline
  • The Meaning, story time to make it all eatable
  • Resources to hold close while you


15.1 To Do List / Action Items

Alvin Toffler: “If you don’t have a viable strategy, you will be defeated by someone who does.”

  • Revit Standards Check List
  • Template Files
  • Project Templates
  • System Families and Settings Templates
  • Project Folders Updated to a BIM Paradigm
  • Project Families Folder
  • Talk to Subs about Revit
  • What Release are they own
  • Get on Subscription
  • Revit User Groups (AUGI)
  • Implement DWF for Revision Checks
  • Update Next year’s Budget: 1 user = $10,000
  • Software Cost
  • Training Cost
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Standardize Hardware (Joe Duran – W2P)
  • Allows for Ghosting
  • Start In-house Training Video’s and Archives
  • Snagit
  • Camtasia
  • Go To Meeting

15.2 The Outline

15.2.1 Managing turbulent times
  • Mission
  • Confront Brutal truth
  • Ambiguity/ Order
  • The Bus : Jim Collins
  • Post Action Briefing : “Monday morning quarterback”
  • Cassandra and Polina
  • Speed ( Jack Welch)
  • Resilience : getting back after being knocked down
  • Risk Taking
  • “Celebrate for a nanosecond“

15.3 The Meaning

15.3.1 Mission: Mission = North Star (unchanging) Good: Johnson and Johnson Tylenol Crisis of 1982

“Our reason for being is the men, women, and children, that use our products”- Johnson and Johnson mission statement

“Empower people through great software, anytime, through any device.” –Microsoft mission statement Bad: Kodak ignored digital
  • Camus “not to choose is also to choose” Bottom Line:
  • Your company must grow to survive and change is a necessary part of growth. Perhaps, Revit will not line up with your companies mission statement. Perhaps, you are unwilling to change for either, lack of resources, lack of desire, or, an inability to overcome fear. I cannot change that for you; however, if you are willing to move forward with Revit, NOW is the time to start.
  • Revit will not be a part of your mission statement. It should be a Strategic initiative “Implement Revit Building/Structure/Systems” on your company’s Strategic Plan (see resources). Each Strategic initiative will have its own Strategic Plan and the Mission statement on that plan should be something like the following:

Your Mission Statement for Revit: though a Kaizen approach for implementation, achieve a 100% Revit Based Project environment

15.3.2 Confront Brutal truth
  • This is a 10X Event for our industry
  • What happens when you don’t?
  • Merrill Lynch = Sub Prim Mortgage
15.3.3 Why People CAN’T
  • Psychology of it all
  • I don’t need to change
  • I’m making Enough
  • I don’t have the resources to change
  • What happens if I fail
  • Real or an anomaly

Andy Grove "only the paranoid survive"

15.3.4 Ambiguity/ Order

Andy Grove" you need a high tolerance for ambiguity but must strive to order that which is around you."

  • Managing Expectations
  • Changes Work Flow / Design Process / Standards
  • Michelangelo ’s David
  • This is a big hunk of Marble
  • This will not come easy
  • It will not be linear

How do you eat an elephant?

15.3.5 The Bus: Jim Collins
  • The right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and everyone in the right seats!
  • first ask who not what
  • PS: Read / listen to his book ~ Good to Great
  • Jack Welsh - 600 … knows firsthand people…
  • 60% of his time on people working on people relations = HR
15.3.6 Post Action Briefing: “Monday morning quarterback”
  • What worked, what didn’t, and WHY
  • Suggested Time Interval
  • Post Training event
  • Weekly project prints
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Entire Project
15.3.7 Cassandra and Polina ~ the "Fall of Troy"
  • P = outgoing / trusting / never doubts / bring it in
  • C = skeptical / trusts no one / people are failed / leave it out
  • You must be P in the ultimate outcome, u need the C to get there.
15.3.8 Speed
  • Speed exhilarates and energizes (Jack Welsh)
  • Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast
  • Ready, fire, aim
15.3.9 Resilience: getting back after being knocked down
  • Steve jobs.
  • Apple
  • Pixar
15.3.10 Risk Taking
  • GE Financial 1930
  • For you… Key Financing
  • Software
  • Training
  • TT your Sales Rep.
15.3.11 Celebrate!

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Earl Nightingale

“After the victory, tighten your helmet cord.” Bushido (Japan)

15.4 Resources

15.4.1 Strategic planning model (blueprint)6 steps (elements) Mission