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How to Use Revit Phases, Create Phase specific Sheet in Revit

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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

An overview of how to use Revit for Tennent Improvement, New Construction or Existing projects using the Phase Tool set.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic



  • What is Phasing How Revit Phases Works
  • Using Revit Phase Tools
  • Naming Convention for Phase based Plan Set Views
  • Value Added training How To Make Money With Revit


10.1 What is Phasing

Help File:

Many projects, such as renovations, proceed in phases, each representing a distinct time period in the life of the project.

Revit Architecture tracks the phase in which views or components are created or demolished, and lets you apply phase-specific filters to views so that you can define how the project appears during various stages of work. You can also use phase filters to control the flow of building model information into views and schedules. This allows you to create phase-specific project documentation, complete with schedules

10.1.1 Project Phases

  • As many as you need
  • Start Small, and Grow!
  • Combining

10.1.2 Phase Filters

  • Linear process
  • Naming helps
  • The Bits and Pieces

10.1.3 Graphic Overrides

  • Set them once!

10.1.4 Transfer

  • File Transfer Project Settings Phase Settings
  • Filters and Overrides only
10.2 Using

10.2.1 Elements

  • Each object is built at some point in time
  • You can Demolish an Element
  • If build and Demolished in the same Phase = Temporary Object


  • Views are Phases specific
  • Controlled in View Properties
  • Phases - What “Time” is this view looking at
  • Phase Filters – How do you want to see the present and past