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Now that you have a stronger understanding of what Standards for Revit you can manage. How can you apply that knowledge to your companies design process.

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Family Creation Concepts Addressed In This Tutorial.

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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

Understand how to control plan sets Symbols and Content based off the Construction Documentation phase. Learn how to build a Project information page.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic



  • Key points for SD
  • Key points for PD
  • Key points for DD
  • Key points for CD
  • Key points for
  • Key points for Archiving and milestones


9.2 Key points for SD

9.2.1 Key points

  • Don’t waste time; if the designer is not using Revit; you are not using Revit!
  • Use masses for building the building; then major changes happen: update the mass; “REMAKE” the elements
  • Keep it as “cartoon” as possible – manages client expectations
  • Almost nothing custom give them as much as they need; no more
  • think data disconnect = loss of time/work/$$$

9.2.2 Sustainable isn’t going away

Incorporate a sustainable approach from project inception

Track recycled materials and other sustainable strategies using schedules

  • Based on element properties
  • Any view regardless of type
  • Always synchronized
  • Non-type specific
  • Multi-Category
  • Area gross
  • Area rentable
  • Other Schedules VIEW NEW SCHEDULE
  • Material takeoff
  • View List
  • Drawing list
  • Note block
  • Keynote legend

9.2.3 MASSES Other Tools
  • Floor Area Faces
  • Floor by Face
  • Wall by Face
  • Roof by Face
  • Curtain System by Face