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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

Understand how to manage Revit content, standard and templates, display controls for the model, and data Workflow.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic

  • Naming and file locations
  • Worksets, the how and why
  • Management issues
  • New Project Setup


3.1 What are Central Files and Local Files

3.1.1 New vocabulary, new ideas, new ways to work.
  • There are two project file types for Revit
  • The Central File
  • The Local File
3.1.2 The Central File

The Central file is the Holy Grail; Users never ever open, move, edit or touch it!

3.1.3 Local File

This is the file that users will open and work on everyday

At times, users will have to recreate the local file from the central file; this will keep the local file error free.

You will want to set up a company standard for creation of a local file

3.2 Naming and file locations

3.2.1 File location The Central File
  • The Revit Project will reside inside the Project folder
    • P:yearproject# project NameDwg ArchitecturalRevitCentralFile
  • Example:
    • P:200612806 RockstarDwgArchitecturalRevitCentralFile Local File
  • The local file will reside on your C: drive. NOT your Desktop or “My Documents!”
  • Create a Folder on the root of your C: drive, “C:Revit Projects”
  • You may be working on multiple Revit projects at the same time, please created a sub-folder for each project.
    • C:Revit ProjectsProject NameProject Name_<YourInitials
  • Example:
    • C:Revit ProjectsRockstar

3.3 File Naming

3.3.1 Central File Name
  • All Central files will be saved with _CentralFile at the end of the file name.
  • Example:
    • Rockstar_CentralFile
3.3.2 Local File Name
  • All local files will be saved with your Initials at the end of the file name.
  • Example:
    • Rockstar_WH

3.4 Worksets, the how and why

Worksets are Revits way of breaking a project up so that multiple people can work on it. There is no “Right” way to use worksets to a project. I will give you some guidelines to consider while creating worksets for a project.

3.4.1 Red Pill, Blue Pill

Once you enable works sets you cannot go back.

Not all projects will need to have worksets enabled. – Groups. Most project will have to have worksets enabled for the following reasons: project management; office workflow; standards adherence

3.4.2 Necessary Worksets:
  • User Created - Shared levels and grids
  • Project Standards – always have checked out
  • Views – View Templates, working v. CD v. Temporary
  • Families – System v. Standard
3.4.3 Possible Worksets:
  • Level Based
  • Building Based – Shell & Core
  • Project Area Based – East, West, North, South
  • Room Based – Bathrooms = Group?
  • Job type Based
  • Other
3.4.4 Help File Information

Decisions you make when using worksharing and setting up worksets can have long-lasting effects on the project team. AutoCAD users will recognize some of these implications from setting up xref structures for projects. In general, when setting up worksets, you should consider the following:

  • Project size
  • Worksets and templates
  • Team size
  • Team member roles
  • Default Worksets visibility

3.5 Management issues

3.5.1 The Central File
  • Folder Permissions
  • Who creates these?
  • Who modifies these?
  • Backups – always backed up!
3.5.2 Local File
  • C:Revit ProjectsRockstar
3.5.3 Detach From Central
3.5.4 Worksets
  • Worksets are crap!
  • They don’t control the location of the objects created
  • I don’t have to be in the Worksets to edit it
  • Worksets are great!
  • The “Open” Option

“When opening a shared project, you can select which worksets to open. When you open only selected worksets and leave others closed, program performance improves. Because Revit Architecture does not display closed worksets, less time is required for common operations such as opening files, opening new views, redrawing the screen, and snapping.” ~ Help File The “Gray Inactive” setting