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You Need to know all the Terms for Revit Management, this will help you along the way.
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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

Understand how to manage Revit content, standard and templates, display controls for the model, and data Workflow.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic



2.2 Project Templates

  • File location
  • Template Types
  • Settings within them – Project Unit

2.3 View Templates

  • System Family – Separate Project
  • Location: Office BIM Standards \ Revit Templates\System Families
  • Best Practices = each view has a “Default View Template”
  • I’m wondering about naming the folder “System Families”

2.4 Options

  • General
  • Saving interval
  • User Information
  • Journal File Clean up
  • File Locations

2.5 Rendering

  • SteeringWheels
  • ViewCube

2.6 Import/export Settings

  • Don’t change export to CAD
  • IFC Import/Export settings

2.7 Families and family types

  • System Family – Separate Project
  • Location: Office BIM Standards \ Templates \ Settings
  • Standard Families
  • Location: Office BIM Standards \ Office Content \ division?
  • Naming: + W2P
  • Be aware of Schedule names….

2.8 Shared Parameters

  • Danger! Check/ Read/ understand them
  • Location: Office BIM Standards \ Shared Parameter files
  • Group appropriately
  • Once created, can’t be modified
  • Some need to be added to “Project Parameters”

2.9 Worksets

  • The hardest of all to understand
  • Best Practices – Don’t open Sets not in use
  • Editable v. useable
  • Naming issues
  • Management of worksets
  • User Name
  • Local File – Location – server / Project / Project Standards_ADMIN
  • Don’t relinquish

2.10 Project Settings

  • Pre-work for project
  • Advancing the CD will set object styles
  • Projects to finalize
  • See excel file