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Families Training Tutorial 

Each Class has a single location to access all resources needed for the series. Once you are Logged into Will2Play, you can Registered for our classes and gain access to that Classes Content.

Content Resources

Will2Play members have access to the class resources listed below.

  • Series Powerpoint
  • Series Manual PDF
  • Series Revit File Set
  • Series OneNote File
  • Session List

Each session also contains Session Specific copies of the Class Content for ease of Access.

Revit Tutorial Training Video Topics

Basic Tutorial – Revit Family Basics Table Generic Template

Build a rectangular table family. The Tabletop Height, Width, and Length are controlled by parameters. The Tabletop is 4 thick. The legs are 4 thick and offset from the edge of the table by 6.

Basic Tutorial - ADA Revit Symbol Family Annotation Template

Create an ADA Symbol for wheelchair clearance. The Symbol contains both the Sink and Turn Radius clearance. This Symbol should become a stock family for use within your Revit projects.

Basic Tutorial - CMU Door Model Revit Family Creation

Build a door specifically for placement within CMU walls. Revits default doors are made to dimension to the inside of the frame, not to the rough opening. Create a new door that dimensions to the rough opening of the door. Use Symbolic Lines to display: 90 Panel Swing, Door panel at 90, and Elevation Panel Swing. Control the Frame Material by Type and Control the Panel Material by Instance.

Basic Tutorial – How to Create Family Content Terms Q&A

Advanced Training – CAD to Revit Titleblock Family Standard

Build a Cover Page Titleblock used for both E and D size sheets. Project Name, Number, Address, Issue For, and Date should be controlled by the project. Include text for our company’s Name, Address, and Phone Number. Dont forget the company logo.

Advanced Training – Revit Windows Hosted Family Files

Create two Window Families that can be flipped depending upon what is needed in the project. Using Select all Instances, these two families should be able to flip between complex 3D geometry and simplified CD content. For Renderings and Presentation Views you need to sell the Project. Therefore, complex 3D geometry is necessary. In CD you must past DSA approval. Therefore, you must use company standard symbols for Windows in Plan and Elevation views.

Advanced Training - Room Tag How to Create Revit Tags

Create Two Room Tags: Occupancy Load and Room Type. Occupancy Load includes the Default Occupancy Parameter and a Room Type Shared Parameter. Room Height adds a Room Height Shared Parameter over the Area and Volume Labels in the default Room Tag.

Advanced Training - Classroom Layouts Revit Family Parameters

Create a Generic Model Family that can, when stretched, add additional Rows or columns of the default Chair-Tablet Arm.rfa.

Expert Revit Topic – Sunshade Revit Types Array Formula

Create a Generic Family Sunshade Family that can be nested in a Generic Face based family. The Faced based Family should, when loaded in a project, have the ability to control the number and length of blades using instance grips. Get fancy and use a swept blend form for the blades.

Expert Revit Topic - Swinging Door Family Solid Revit Geometry

Create a Door that Opens. Be sure that the Door Panel is controlled by the default Width, Thickness, and Height Parameters. You only need to create one additional parameter in this family, one that controls the angle of the door opening.

Expert Revit Topic – Enlarged Room View Revit Symbol Family Interior Elevation Section Head

Create a set of Section Heads that can be used for Room Elevations. This Section-based Room Elevation should have separate views for each direction as well as a center section that is used to display the Sheet Number and View associated for all of the Room Elevations.