TEXT From The First class

Tutorial 01 Word Formatting Basics

Use Styles instead of character formatting.

The Opening Welcome to Word

Hook the Storyline

This is the story of JOE.  Our classes follow the fun times everyone has when learning.  Each of our courses follow the journey through the eyes of characters.  Joe, Just One Example, is the protagonist introduced though Word Training.  Always happy to learn, Joe even enjoys reviewing subjects known for years.  Most of the time, Joe only needs an example to figure out basics, while understanding there is always more.  This is your one example of how our training can change the way you work.


This is what you will learn.

During this course, you will create a working outline in MS Word.  Learn how quickly apply styles to create an outline template.


By the end of this session, you will understand the following concepts or process.

How to use Styles in Word


Introduction of Course

Demo of Class

Your First Outline

Major Topic 1 Introduction of Course

Major Topic 2 Demo of Class

Minor Topics A

 This is a sentence.

Understand formats

Styles over format

Applying styles

Using styles

Bullet points

Major Topic 3 Your First Outline

This is a sentence.  This is a second sentence.  Now you have a Paragraph.

Topic Point A - Examples Headings

Keep it simple as you learn

This gets deeper

Until Heading 4 5 6

Topic Point B - Examples Styles

Headings First

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a sentence.

Choose your Theme

The Close


Core Concept

                Start simple to learn.

                State it in one sentence.

                Just start using Styles.


Keyboard concepts

Vocabulary Words

What Did You Learn

There is always more to learn no matter what the topic.

Thank you and Final Thoughts

Take the time review all the Word class before moving on to the Revit class.  This will allow you to keep your own notes throughout the learning process.