Revit 2019 Free Basic Tutorial 2020

"The Rockstar Hour"

Tutorial Description:

A reoccurring Session in which Tips and Tricks for Revit are shown using real world examples.

This is a Lecture Only Class!

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Is this You?

Sitting there listening to someone demo software without mistakes.  A skillful demo-er, they skim over software, showing the easy tools, deflect the difficult questions.  Of course it’s good information but you’re still waiting to get to the meaty, difficult concepts and questions.

If so, I‘m not saying you won‘t see easy tools, and some subjects skimmed over during these Sessions, sometimes you will.  The Rockstar Hour is not that type of Demo, it‘s a shared learning experience.  Often when explaining a difficult topic / tool the instructor takes the time to struggle with the software, just like you.  You‘ll think, you‘ll laugh, you may even learn something.  If nothing else, at least Revit‘s on your screen, who‘s to say it‘s not you working?

Purpose / Promise

This is an hour long training session that meets weekly.  Topics relate to AutoDesk ® Revit ® Product Solution.  Each session is accompanied by Briefing Notes, a one page pdf.  the subject matter of the webinar will always relate to Revit, however, the specifics of the webinar vary.  There are always Tips & Tricks that directly relate to using Revit in your companies Design Process.

Revit 2019 Free 2020

Free Revit Training Content

Each Class has a single location to access all resources needed for the series.  Once you are Logged into Will2Play, you can Registered for our classes and gain access to that Classes Content.

Content Resources

Will2Play members have access to the class resources listed below.

  • Series Powerpoint
  • Series Manual PDF
  • Series Revit File Set
  • Series  OneNote File

Session List

Each session also contains Session Specific copies of the Class Content for ease of Access. 

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