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Management Training Tutorial Content

Each Class has a single location to access all resources needed for the series.  Once you are Logged into Will2Play, you can Registered for our classes and gain access to that Classes Content.

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Content Resources

Will2Play members have access to the class resources listed below.

Essential Training for Architecture 

  • Series Powerpoint
  • Series Manual PDF
  • Series Revit File Set
  • Series  OneNote File

Session List

Each session also contains Session Specific copies of the Class Content for ease of Access. 

Session Number and Title

01           Revit User Manual

02           Revit Manager Manual

03           Central files / Local Files

04           Standard Family Standards

05           Title Blocks

06           Managing System Families

07           Project Templates

08           Detailing

09           Design Process and Workflow

10           Phasing

11           Design Options

12           Give me My CD’s

13           Printing Archiving

14           Moving from 2009 2009

15           A BIM Manager Guide to Success

16           Q&A

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